Travelling on a time limit!

I believe that everyone, if not most people, would love to spend their entire lives travelling, embedding themselves in culture, tasting new food and listening to live music in the warmest sunniest weather ever. However, we all know this is unrealistic because work… but also because with work commitments come TIME commitments.

I work a 9 to 5 job which I love am getting a lot of experience from, but I do feel the itch and urge to travel ALL THE TIME. My partner recently returned from 2 months abroad, and it has been killing me that I do not have two months to take off to go abroad. I am, however, entitled to 25 days of holiday, excluding bank holidays, and make the most of my holiday time not to sort out my life – that’s what weekends are for! – but to see the World.

I have some top tips for us 9 to 5 workers, on how to travel within your limited time!

Working hard, saving hard

I am THE WORSE at saving money, but even I manage! With birthdays, theatre, arts, festivals, food, people to see, friends and family to spoil, fashion, dog to feed, car to maintain, insurance to pay, rent to pay etc, temptations and reasons to spend money are more than a person can bargain for, but it is important if you are a travel addict to prioritise. Purchasing cheaper but meaningful presents, watching fringe theatre instead of west end shows, going to local festivals and cooking home cooked meals are ways to save your money and still have a great time. Recently my boyfriend and I started a no dinner dates policy to help us both save. He has just returned from a 2 month travel stint himself but we felt we needed a break together, so we are saving for a trip to the city of love itself… Paris! Saving is HARD there is no two ways about it, we are constantly bombarded with things we want to buy. We are all huge consumers, and although I love clothes, that is not actually what makes me want to spend my money – huge believer in recycling clothes! I go weak at the knees at the thought of new music, adventure days and anything live entertainment. But I have prioritised and 2015 is a HUGE travel year for me.

Taking holiday time at the RIGHT time

The UK has a few handy bank holidays, aside from Christmas and Easter, we boast of two bank holidays in May and one at the end of August. I know it can be expensive to book trips at this time of the year, however, if you are working and saving for a trip already, dish out another 50 or 100 pounds and you can extend your time, or book an extra trip in that year that you were not expecting to book. I am a firm believer in travelling on off peak seasons, no families or children school parties driving me insane. HOWEVER, I am a huge victim of the travel bug so will do anything to travel and that includes making the most of my extra bank holiday time! As well as my time in lieu.

Making the most of your travel time

It is very difficult sometimes to make a holiday a travelling experience. IT IS POSSIBLE! I know with hard work we all want some relaxing time off, to just chill and get back in touch with ourselves. I also believe it is impossible to be abroad and not want to experience everything that country has to offer in a short space of time. GET LOST! I love getting lost in cities I have never been to and eat all sorts of random things. Visit the great big and mapped out monuments on all the must see lists of everything you have ever read, but then discover a museum of light bulbs and lamps that no one has ever heard of and has just become your most favourite place. My man and I discovered a gallery in Barcelona in 2014 that was just the most mesmerising thing. We went back, as you would with things you fall in love with, and we bought two of this artist’s pieces. A photo will come in another post. My point is dear readers, it is possible to travel and explore places in short bursts of time, if you get it in your heads that you’re going to see it, then you will. SO DO IT!

My dear readers, take your time to see the world, it is a vast stunning place and you do not need to rush it. If like me, you cannot stop and see it all in one go, then work, build a wonderful career and use it to reap the benefits of seeing and experiencing the earth. Discover everything you want to, even within the UK I have a lot I want to discover. Travelling and seeing the world in itself is a holiday because it takes you out of the norm of your day to day, so I urge you not to be complacent with your time abroad and actually broaden your mind.

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