Rhythms of the World 2015

Copyright: Diana Lava

I love live music. As someone who has been exposed to music from a very very young age, with my father being in a band and working every night in live gigs until I was 7, music runs in my veins and I literally do not go any point of any day without a song in my head. At this moment in time, I am writing this as my father sits having an operation, and all I am hearing in my head is Bob Marley’s ‘I shot the Sheriff’. I don’t know if there is any meaning to that. I deviate from my point. Live music is one of those experiences that only get better the more I assist to it, so naturally festival season is one of my favourites.

So let me introduce you to one of my favourite festivals ever. Rhythms of the World. I have been going to ROTW since I was 16 years old and thought that having a boyfriend in a band was the coolest thing I would ever achieve – at the time it was. He had the whole converse, studded belts, cheque shirt, black skinny jeans and properly placed fringe look going, and he even dedicated songs to me. He is an ex boyfriend, so we know he had his flaws, but it was still VERY COOL, and I can say that now, 7 years later.

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Copyright: Diana Lava

Rhythms of the World is a festival that runs over two days, its £15 each day to attend – adult ticket price – and it takes place in the Hitchin Priory. It has six stages, which is a lot for a small local festival, and much like the title suggests it features music from all over the world, with different sounds, and it even has a BBC introducing stage. It is awesome!

This year I took my best friend, boyfriend and parents to ROTW with me. They loved it. I think festivals have a rather magical vibe. Everyone seems to be having a good time and wearing what they want. Lots of food tents, hand crafts, we got feathers in our hair and some leather cowboy hats it was great. Everyone is in a good mood, no matter how big the crowd we all squeeze together to fit in one field. Garden chairs, blankets, some people with fridges, kids with small pop up tents, babies in push chairs loving their first experience of both the english summer and english festivals – the best music festivals in the world.

Copyright: Diana Lava

ROTW this year was made even better by the fact that one of my favourite bands THE SKINTS were playing and promoting their new album.The Skints are a reggae/ska band from east London and if you haven’t heard them then you are really missing out. But I am not here to boast about or review one of my favourite bands to watch perform. I am here to tell you that in ROTW, you can go from reggae to heavy metal and screamo in the BBC Introducing Stage. The main stage varied from American Country, to Mexican, Latin, Raggae, Fusion and Bhangra Indian Music. It is spectacular! You walk around and it is an amalgamation of sound, not from just polar opposites such as hip hop/rap and rock, but also from church hyms to sexy latin music, to music that is related and has similar basics such as some african and some latin american. It is a wall of noise and madness to the hearing but it is truly wonderful. Coupled with arts and crafts, clothes and all sorts of everything tents from all over the world, with food stalls that come from as far as China, Rhythms of the World is truly the widest local festival I have ever known. I love everything about it.

I have to add, that the price also really does top it for me. It is such an accessible price, and for a whole day of music and basically backyard tanning, great junk food, booze and awesome company, you can’t really ask for more! And the porterloos were actually minimally clean! If you are a Hertfordshire person, or even Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire which are very close, I would really urge you to come along. It is a fantastic day out for the whole family. Bouncy castles galore for kids and adults alike! I cannot wait to take my nephew next year, I think he will be absolutely buzzing on sugar, but he will love it. Am already looking forward to it. Join me.

And tell me all, what is your favourite local music festival? I would love to discover more and join you there.

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