#ThrowbackThursday Close to home, a duck came floating in…

This is my first #ThrowbackThursday post on the website, after doing a #FlashbackFriday last week. We all use social media, and this is a very fun way to look at some things that have happened in the past.


Around May/June 2013 a giant yellow rubber duck invaded Hong Kong, and here is a post I wrote about it back then.

For those of you who don’t know, I was born and raised in Macau, China. This lovely little place and independent state, is very close to the previously British colony of Hong Kong. I spent a lot of time in Hong Kong and that side of the World is very close to my heart and a high influence in the person I have become and what interests me.

Now when a GIANT DUCK invades my home, I have to take note!

Image rubber-duck-by-florentijn-hofman

Dutch conceptual artist, Florentijn Hofman, is responsible for the 16.5 metre tall bath toy Rubber Duck that since 2007 has travelled 12 cities in 10 different countries. It is now sat at the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, until the 9th of June for the marvel of all the curious citizens and tourists of the colony.

Hofman’s projects cause a certain relief and childhood memories to surface. Among the tension in today’s world, with the economic crisis and so many other problems, Rubber Duck offers the chance for some relief and happiness to enter our worlds.

Hofman says on his website, and I quote: “The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn’t discriminate people and doesn’t have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!”

Rubber Duck has bee travelling everywhere since 2007 and has graced the presence of St Nazaire in France, Sao Paulo – Brazil, Auckland in New Z, Hasselt in Belgium, Osaka and Hiroshima in Japan, Sydney Australia, Nurnberg in Denmark and Amsterdam in Netherlands amongst so many others.

It is a wonder that a figure of every child’s bathing time, has bathed the world’s shores of cruelty and brought only joy. May Rubber Duck continue to do so for a long while! After 6 years he is still here and we want him to stay.

Two years later this Rubber Duck is still travelling the world, doing what us mere mortals only dream of doing!

Having looked at Hofman’s work for the last two years, my curiosity continues to peak! As he is responsible for bringing such pure unadulterated joy, but also sometimes deeply disturbing us with these gigantic installations. It is a very invasive way of reminding the world to laugh a little, take things lightly and not let the child in us disappear. It works in my opinion, and I cannot wait to be in some place in the vast globe and come across one of his pieces of art.

Rubber Duck was last seen in Camden Waterfront and in Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, to watch the “Parade of Sails” between June and July 2015. Taking part in one of the most attended festivals, celebrations or parades of the area, Rubber Duck has made a true impact.

Copyright – NJ.com Rubber Duck at the ‘Parade of Sails’

I am deeply distraught by the fact that Rubber Duck was in Norfolk, England, in 2014 and I did not know. I missed his presence, but I believe I will see him around. Perhaps he will come back to the UK and I can bask in his glory.

Hoffman continues to work his magic in other ways, so please check out his work, as we are all for supporting artists here in Discovering Diana. To follow Hofman’s works, look him up on: http://www.florentijnhofman.nl

To read the Philadelphia news report on Rubber Duck’s presence, please click here.

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