Packing for a Parisian escape!

So bank holiday weekend has just been and gone! And I for one went on a little adventure with my partner in crime, to the city of romance… PARIS! Now bear in mind I had never been to France before, I managed to go twice in a month, which I find very exciting.

As a girl I know we have a tendency to over-pack, and take everything on a ‘just in case’ basis, but for five nights, I have managed to fit everything in a small suitcase! So here are my top tips for packing for a short but sweet city break:


Lets be honest, you probably wear the same pair of jeans or shorts for five consecutive days at home, so why do you need five in a foreign country? For five days I have worked out the following…

Walking around clothes: one pair of leggings, one pair of shorts (in case summer returns!), 5 tops (including the one I wore on the train journey) a cardigan, a dress (because we all love a girly day!) and a pair of comfortable, flat, match everything shoes!

Going out clothes: two dresses and one pair of nicer, not quite flat not quite heeled shoes – kitten heels is that what you call them?

Generic: underwear, a leather jacket for the night time, pjs

YOU DO NOT NEED ANYTHING ELSE! Let’s face it guys, we all have one pair of shoes we walk around everywhere with, and matches all our clothes, TAKE THAT PAIR! The same goes for jeans, shorts, skirts, cardigans… we all have a staple piece that will probably feature in all our favourite outfits and in one way or another is our go to item.

Girl Essentials

We all have our different beauty regimes but this is not every day life… you are going to be walking miles a day, taking photos, probably sweating buckets, so who wants to layer their face with six different foundations, powders and blush things. No one. Here is my essentials kit:

  • Sun tan lotion – for those fair of skin, not my case
  • Lip balm – all travelling photos look even nicer au naturelle
  • Small shampoo and conditioner
  • Moisturiser
  • Hairbrush – all hotels provide dryers, you can use these as straightners too
  • Eye liner, mascara, and make up removal wipes
  • Tooth brush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant and a perfume – one perfume! Don’t test out a million different scents in a 5 day holiday!

Unless you are at a different time of the month, there is not much else you should need!


My ‘cannot leave the country’ without them items

This is where things should differ a bit for everyone. Aside from the obvious like your tickets, documentation, plug adaptors and money, people take different things with them. I will not leave for a foreign country without:

  • Camera – I really want to get into photography properly, but I suck a little bit too much
  • Book – a good book for the journey and while my partner in crime is taking a shower is my favourite thing
  • Headphones – if I am going on a beach get away or something as such, I need a bit of music
  • Map, phone and charger – one might get lost.


For this trip I did not take my digital camera with me… but you can read about that on my post ‘Oversharing we all do it’! I think it is imperative to remember that five days is not a long time! You really just want to shove the essentials in a suit case and run, enjoy your time abroad.

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