A quickie… with the Mona Lisa!

As my French Adventure came to an end, I had to visit the Louvre to sneak a peek at the one and only Mona Lisa! This really is a quick little post to let you think about this… would you consider the Mona Lisa the most expensive and exuberant painting in the world?

Tourists flocked to this section of the museum to see this ONE painting that takes up an entire wall and can be barely larger than an A2 sheet of paper. It is also, in my opinion, though beautiful and humbling as it is to see, it is quite dark and grubby. The Mona Lisa angered me somewhat, for it got SO much attention and people were flashing their cameras, definitely not considering how much that could damage the painting, and yet it sits there with its dreary smile and oil slowly melting and deforming. (For those who didn’t know that that happens to oil paintings!)

I actually didn’t even reach the Mona Lisa close enough to take a photo and I really didn’t want to. The whole experience for me was ruined by groups of screaming teenagers who don’t give a flying monkey about art plastering their iphones as close as possible to the painting, stretching their arms far over the limit to get a better image than the person next to them. The painting demands respect, and so I looked and paid my respects to Mona, who in the 1500s was an innovative painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, who broke many artistic barriers. And as respect to Da Vinci, who painted some of the most illustrious works of art in the whole of history, I have kept Mona well and truly as a memory to myself and enjoyed the rest of the pieces of work which were 30 times bigger than Mona displayed in the same room.

I did however take a photo of the Venus de Milo, because ancient history duh! Greek sculptures for me a huge a phenomenon, they all look more or less the same as do ruins – as my uncle and boyfriend would say – but they are a true testament to the survival of the ancient greek culture through the times, as their histories influence and continue to demonstrate that the world was built around them! Plus all these things from those times keep re-surfacing, as if these cultures can never truly be erased. Standing the true test of time!

Please visit the Louvre, it would take your 4 months to see it all… that is a fact I learnt on a river tour of the Seine, but the sections I saw truly encouraged me to want to visit again!

20150829_210616 20150831_130217

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