Why does Mission Impossible never get old?

For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet, I am a huge lover of movies! If I could get one of my scripts produced into a film I would be the happiest person alive. Regardless, here are my views on why Mission Impossible films never get old.

Mission-Impossible-Rogue-Nation-imageI am a great believer in escapism, as someone that works extremely hard, studies part time, works full time and has various other occupations, when I sit and dedicate 2 hours of my life… 3 if you count the previews as these days they can be extensive… I want to wander. I want my mind to switch off from my day to day life and take me somewhere where anything is possible.

Now, here is where Mission Impossible comes in. I think the MI films are the perfect combination of reality and awesomeness that serve this exact purpose. I am aware that there are spies everywhere, which in itself is a slightly intimidated but incredible concept to bear in mind, but how can I ever know that they perform such high risk stunts and have all those gadgets? They must have some things of course, but all of them? Spy films always cause the same reaction and evoke the same sensation. I want to be a spy! I think what differs the MI franchise, from the Bond films for example is the great focus it also gives to friendships and the value it places on camaraderie and trust. These are values that sometimes, in other spy franchises, get lost under the hell blazing glory of special affects, explosions and incredible gadget and stunt work.

Rogue Nation has to be the best film in the MI series I have come across. I mean nothing can truly beat the fact that Tom Cruise actually held on to a plane to do the impressive stunt at the start of the film. Nothing can compete with the fact that the in years of following these films we have seen Ethan Hunt fall in love, grow old, become dedicated to his true old and new friends, and develop a very dangerous sense of humour. As always, the silent character, that is not brooding like Bond, but truly likeable like a father figure or brother you would want to embrace, carries the plot of the film. In his dismissal of the secret services, he continues to protect his nation and the world by unveiling a plan to, as always, murder some prime minister or president.

Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin, round up as Cruise’s unbeatable team. They truly are a remarkable cast, Ferguson introduced as a double agent that Cruise vouches for, plays her part terrifically. Until she appears in London you truly have very little idea what she is trying to accomplish. A truly wonderful addition to the team, who shook up the dynamics and also tested and showcased the deep bond between Benji and Ethan.

I have to say, a highlight for me to continuously see the relationship between these two characters, and Rogue Nation does it yet again. I recall reading in an interview or hearing it, that Tom Cruise was playing pranks on Simon Pegg, who returned the favour quite fervently by reversing the prank onto Cruise. This has to be one of the best friendships on screen, chemistry wise, in any action movie. Pegg and Cruise continue to flow from each other with humorous remarks and very strong performances.

I for one can never quite get enough of a good MI film, they are on my go to pile, of strangely, feel good films! As good always triumphs, right beats wrong etc, it is always a must see for me. I can guarantee that when any of these films are on TV I will 9 out of 10 times watch it again.

What did you think of Rogue Nation?

7 thoughts on “Why does Mission Impossible never get old?

  1. I am a fan of the films, too. I like the supporting cast because of their personal backgrounds, acting skills and the power they bring to their roles. I know that Tom Cruise likes to have a personal relationship with his cast members and I think that he has a really good sense of style. I think we watch those films over and over again because we can see ourselves as those characters. Humans who are not perfect, who mess up all the time, fall in love for a brief moment with someone who won’t stay and with all of that, we still manage to get the job done.

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    1. I love your comment! That’s exactly right! They are so relatable but still fantastic in a way, because I am so obvious I could never be a spy!! However, I think it is important too to have a cast in a film that clearly acts like a family and truly are friends for that to come to life on screen, especially in movies so heavily dictated by CGI special effects and stunts! A bit like my long term love affair with the Fast and Furious franchise

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      1. Thank you for your response. That F&F franchise has grown on me. I think what you call your obviousness would make you a great spy. I mean, no one will see you coming. Hiding in plain sight, right? Good luck on your next mission. x

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