Preparing for my first African Adventure!

I am so excited, I am going on my first African adventure as the last adventure of 2015.

As you all know I am a lover of travelling, and this year I have had the pleasure of going to a lot of places I hadn’t encountered before, such as my 2 trips to France in a month, Cebu in the Philippines and home to Macau in China. However, this is the trip I have been most excited about and saving for for 3 months to pay for my flights.

I am going to Mozambique at the end of the year! It will be my first time spending New Year’s Eve in a beach and in the heat, and it all adds even more to the fact that this is a visit to one of Portugal’s colonies and my best friend’s home country.

Now, I may be Asian and a lot of our stuff crosses over with Africa, but I have never actually been to Africa and am extremely anxious and preparing things way in advance. I have done research into disease outbreaks in the last 20 years, what tablets and jabs I might have to take, precautions, dangerous areas, money/currency, where can I source said money/currency. I have looked into the best airlines to fly with, where their layover locations are, how long I have to change and pick up my luggage. The visa requests, passport updating, you name it I have looked into it.

So this is really a small announcement to share with you that the next big adventure is Mozambique! And that I will be writing small posts, quick-bits like this one, about the little things I have been preparing for this incredible trip.

What’s your next travel adventure?

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