Little Shop of Horrors… sorry I have been away

Hello dear readers, I have to apologise for my absence but it happened for a very good motive I assure you.

As a lover of theatre and the performing arts in general, I suppose it is only fit to share with you that I myself am part of an Amateur Dramatics Society, and for the last two weeks have been intensely rehearsing for the week run that has just ended of our production of Little Shop of Horrors! The 80’s rock n roll classic musical was brought to life at Woodside Hall in Hitchin, Herts, UK for a week run, and I frantically rushed from work every evening to put on my dancing shoes and become Chiffon from the Ronnettes.

So much to my dismay I have had very little time to complete articles and post them for you, but I have returned and thought I would start by sharing a bit about my love for my amateur dramatics society.

First of all for those of you who do not know Little Shop of Horrors, GO AND WATCH IT! The 1986 cult classic film is an American Rock n Roll comedy musical, which takes place in downtown skid row, where the whole community are facing poverty and as all hope seems to be fading strange happenings turn this little community’s fate around. An eclipse brings along an alien plant who will revolutionise the characters’ lives and the world. With a star studded cast of Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene and Steve Martin, it is a must watch.


Now, onto the Hitchin Thespians.

When I graduated University in 2013 I was adamant I did not want to be a performer, as you all know I am a writer by trade and this is the area I want to pursue professionally in the arts sector. However, I cannot deny that performing has always brought me great joy.

Part of my decision to not follow this avenue professionally was the fact that I wanted it to remain an untainted aspect of my life. The fact of the matter is, I am not very confident as an actress, I am competent as a dancer but I only truly excel in singing – not wanting to blow my own trumpet, but of the three it is where my true performing talent lies. I had for very long been missing singing live, it is a true moment of freedom and ecstasy for me. I get such a high from singing and put all my emotion into it. So in late 2014 as everyone was writing their New Year’s resolutions, I decided I would find a way to get back into singing live.

I was lucky to have found the Hitchin Thespians, a drama society that focuses purely on Musicals and Choral concerts! Perfect! I did not hesitate to contact them in early January and audition and have since done a concert of operetta Die Fledermaus and a production of Little Shop of Horrors.

I am so fortunate to live in England, because here there are numerous ways and places in which you can explore hobbies and talents, and I can go on doing something that I truly love without spoiling it with industry pressures. Aside from the fact, that in a completely realistic light, I am not the obvious choice for any performer, I feel like I have found a home where I can let my performance star shine as bright as possible as well as make some incredible friends and surround myself by people from all walks of life.

I am looking forward to watching the Choir perform the Christmas Concert and try out for the next production in January.

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