Into the Hoods remixed – theatre review

Saturday 24th of October, The Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, London

How can I review something that was I was already pre-disposed to love? I am suppose to be unbiased here and give a critical analysis, but I am afraid that in this case I might fail. So this is a short one but good one, full of love for a company that I completely biased towards.

Zoonation is my favourite dance theatre company. They are mostly a hip hop dance company who reinvent and re-write very well known scripts, musicals to fit their genre. They put together narratives that not only fit the genre and the dramatic nature of hip hop, but also use stories that that still have some sort of echo in current times and issues.

Into the Hoods is a hip hop take of the popular Sondheim musical Into the Woods – if you had not guessed that already. The story in this case took place in a council estate in East London. The parallel was drawn with the witch as the Landlord who refuses to help two kids who are lost get home until they acquire 4 items for his daughter’s birthday.

Now none of this sounds extremely amazing, but it is quite outstanding to write some fantastic adaptations to fit such a specific genre. This is huge and Zoonation do it incredibly! I cannot say much more than continue sharing my love for Zoonation, a company that I try to always see shows from. As a lover of hip hop dance and theatre, this company really is everything I love in one and it makes me completely inadequate to form any coherent opinion about them.

I took my boyfriend with me to watch them and he was very constructive and had some opinions on the performances, but his opinion in this occasion matters not to me as I was as always completely mesmerised and taken by the company. I thought the dancing was fantastic, the characters embodied perfectly through the dance moves and shapes created with their bodies. I loved it. If you hadn’t guessed that already.

I would have to say that I was a bit upset that the show started a bit delayed due to technical issues, but only because I was getting a bit too anxious, other than that it didn’t deteriorate the performance at all. I would have to say as well that narrative wise, it is not the strongest production of Zoonation, Some Like it Hip Hop continues to be their best one and my favourite. However, the performers were incredible and really carried the piece through. I can’t say much more as I will just continue rattling on about my love for them, so I am going to leave you here with some trailers of their shows! Try to watch them live, it is pure joy on stage.

Zoonation, Into the Hoods Remixed

Zoonation, Some Like it Hip Hop

Note: The images are from Google and the videos from YouTube, not owned by me.

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