Discovering Mulled Wine and Mince Pies

I am so pleased to be launching this new segment of the blog! Discovery Friday will feature every week with something I have discovered in the last week. We should feature 52 of these a year and at the end of next year I will reveal which one of the discoveries was the most poignant.

They could be a variety of things, from a new food recipe, to a new location, a film, music, a piece of art, a book, or even something personal about myself. This will be a fun way to remind ourselves that every day we are exposed to something new and every day is its own unique adventure and journey which begins when you wake up and ends in dreamland.

Some of the posts might fit into other sections of the site as well, such as travel, arts and food, so it will be an interesting crossover and a little added feature to my continuous journey to Discovering Diana. I believe it is small things like this that add to the person that you are constantly growing to become, small moments that seem completely insignificant but can somehow shape you entirely. Hopefully it will also help you realise that you continue to find new things every day. Please join me by telling me what you have discovered in the last week, every Friday.

To kick us off, a very festive discovery for me was Mulled Wine and Mince Pies.

Not exactly a discovery, I was aware that these things existed, but in nine years living in the UK I never tried them and always decided that no they were not for me. How wrong I was! Mulled wine is officially the best way to drink Red wine in my opinion. The spices, the warmth, the fruity flavour and the alcohol, all combined perfectly into a warm cup of Christmas. It is truly joyful. And with a mince pie, EVEN BETTER.

Now who knew Mince pies don’t actually contain any mince meat? Am I being completely blond here, but that was the the idea I had was that it was some mix of dried fruits, nuts and mince meat into an almost jam like consistency in a pie. That does not sound appealing, but the actual thing is lovely and is complimented beautifully by a glass of Mulled Wine.

This discovery is very small and simple, but actually showed me that a) I can drink wine and b) I can eat things with sultanas in without wanting to surgically remove my tongue and taste buds. Small and simple, but it has made me feel a bit more of an adult than before, with a mature enough palette to appreciate its goodness. Plus it really does put you in that Christmas feeling.

Photo found on Google

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