Discovery Friday – Sugarcane juice and Coconut water

So, this week’s Discovery Friday pays tribute to my very recent first ever trip to Africa. I had some amazing experiences out there, met amazing people and was faced with such a fascinating history and culture. Mozambique is truly a mess of a historical country, with so many outer, Asian and European influences bombarding it left right and centre, you are sometimes at a loss to where exactly you are. Still at its root, it is full of African charm, warmth and bright, colourful and happy people who make the experience ten times more than any European country I have been to so far.

For me, a true part of experiencing a country to its full potential is embedding yourself in the culture and THE FOOD! This includes drink too. So here is my discovery for this Friday, Sugarcane juice and coconut water. I already knew that these things existed, of course, but these are discoveries for me as they were a total first.

Sugarcane juice is officially one of the most refreshing naturally sweet drinks I have ever drank. It is honestly beautiful. When people talk about drinking from the pool of life the water that will you make you live eternally, this is what I imagine it would taste like, pure, refreshing, untainted, sweet life. I took some photos of the guy preparing it too, he cut canes and squeezed the juice out of every single one. And if you have a cold, like my friend did you can even add some lemon and ginger. Glorious! Try it!

The coconut water was also fantastic. I love coconut milk, but I despise the texture of the actual coconut fruit, so I do not eat it. This was my first time trying coconut water, straight from the coconut might I add. Those things are so heavy, I genuinely was amazed by how heavy it was, which explains why people get seriously hurt if a coconut falls on them. I was also surprised by how much water there is inside the coconut, it was delicious. It tastes something like a cross of light and nutty… is nutty an adjective ever applied to a coconut? I wonder what you guys think, if you have ever tried it please tell me your thoughts.

Happy Friday and until the next one!


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