Mozambique – discovering Africa for the first time

So 2015 ended with a bang and 2016 started with one! I embarked on an awesome adventure to visit my best friend in Mozambique this year, so we could spend our 3rd consecutive New Year’s Eve together. (Now if that is not love, I do not know what is!)

After months of preparing to head over to the land down under, taking additional jabs (not as many as anticipated as apparently Asians have very similar diseases floating about) sending out visa requests, my passport going in a brown envelope with a ton of sellotape and me thinking it would never come back, mentally preparing myself to have hallucinations and daily sickness on malaria tablets (did not happen HOORAY!), packing and re-packing to consider winter to summer conditions, and trying to find clothes to suit the weather conditions considering it is UGG boots season in England. FINALLY I was ready!

So I boarded a plane, expecting nothing at all but an awesome time and warm weather. Instead, I had love affair with Mozambique.

Tofo, Inhambane

The first section of the trip took place about 10 hours after a 500 km drive up North… or further north in the southern region of the country… details.

There is not much to describe this place, but absolute paradise. It is hot, the cleanest whitest, softest sandy beaches, warm and wavey waters and not to mention the friendliest people ever. The music in Mozambique is amazing, and we were staying in a little backpackers inn, with live music and a club every day that really did just make you want to dance along. Other things that added to the atmosphere was the incredible amount of vegetation, lots of coconut trees and mangoes galore.

Fatima’s, the little backpackers inn, is a really cool quirky place to stay in, and the huts are awesome, but I would suggest going in one of the larger shared rooms as the huts are SO HOT in the morning, even with a fan switched on inside – not to mention these are definitely not sound proof, hello club music in my sleep!

Near Tofo we also had the opportunity to walk to other locations such as Tofinho, which is a small secluded beach with some rocky structures and a few more pebbles but otherwise continues to be the same, gorgeous water and picturesque view.


In terms of costs, etc, getting here from Maputo is not so bad, Fatima’s has a shuttle bus that takes you straight there and it is 800 Meticais for the ticket, that is £12.30 for a 500 km ride. Take it. Food and drink costs nothing, but Fatima’s has kitchens so you can take a bunch of groceries and cook for yourself majority of the time which is a HELL of a lot cheaper. We found a place near by called Branko’s which had pizzas for 190 Mets – yes that works out at 3 quid for a HUGE thin crust fresh home made stone oven cooked pizza SO DO IT! and Here you can also try to eat the Bife na Pedra, which is stone cooked beef and it is truly divine. The rest of the time just eat as much fresh fruit as you can, because it is sweeter, bigger and nicer than in any European country, and forget your dreams of cheese, cheddar cheese, until you get back to Europe. Also, I would just accept the fact that you will swallow one or two microscopic ants, just don’t look, it is protein after all.

Aside from all the travelling details, the absolute highlight of this quick escape to the beach was getting to know this incredible group of people. My best friend is happy and I felt like I had spent a lifetime with these people, I felt like I was in a home away from home. I made a whole new family and group of friends that I hope to come and see again. I think that a huge part of travelling the world, in whatever terms you do it in, is that you have the opportunity to start affecting lives elsewhere, and see that your life is affected by these people too. I do not want to set these people aside or forget the amazing time I had with them, and I will keep in touch and I will see them again… in 2017/18 according to the best friend. Still, it is always good to come home to the loved ones, leaving little threads of your heart in other places in the world.

Going here was just beautiful and an absolute delight, a true place of relaxation. So today I leave you with photos of this beatiful side of the world, and in a few days, will you be ready to see Maputo? We will see!

Happy reading, writing and travelling!

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