Wireless Festival #ThrowbackThursday

Wow, what a year it has been, I was sat at work today thinking about some of the great things that I have seen in the last year. One of my biggest passions in life is music, I am a singer, and I play the guitar and bass guitar. Often you will find me performing in my shower, or with the Hitchin Thespians choir and amateur dramatics, depending on what I have decided to do for that half of the year. I have been exposed to music from such a young age that it is a huge part of my every day and one of the best things is being able to watch music live!

There are a lot of people that often sacrifice travelling for music festivals, I would rather compromise and do both. I am sure you saw an earlier post this year about Rhythms of the World, my favourite local festival, well I also had the pleasure of going to Wireless Festival!

It was AWESOME! Held at Finsbury Park over a 3 day weekend and it is not a stay over kind of festival, but with easy links to some cheaper parts of the city or just outside, it is affordable to go every day if you wish. I attended the Saturday this year and it was a fantastic day of music, sunshine, booze and food. I got to spend the best day with my partner and he and I were exposed to incredible legendary music and some fantastic new acts. So here today in this throwback of Summer 2015, without further ado, the musical acts!

MARY J BLIGE I loved seeing her live, what an absolute icon on stage, totally in control of her performance and a stage presence to die for.

CHILDISH GAMBINO a true poet with a real gift for words and a true delight live.

KENDRICK LAMAR the whole reason why we went was for my man to see this absolute icon and hip hop sensation. I am not the best hip hop critic, but I love Lamar’s wordplay and his stage presence as immense. He completely took over and I could tell that the whole half of the crowd where I was stood was there for him and him alone. Incredible.

We got to see some other incredible musicians that you have to listen to and experience! Ady Suleiman was one of the opening acts and was phenomenal, great things will come to him and I have not stopped listening to him since Wireless. Others to look for are Mnek, Etta Bond, Bad Rabbits, Alessia Cara and Parra for Cuva. It is so much fun to enjoy new music and watch it live. I would completely recommend festivals to everyone.

I leave you now with some photos and links into the musicians’ websites. I do have videos and eventually these will be uploaded for you to watch!

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