Wyvern Lingo – Discovery Friday

Another end to another busy week. How time flies when you are having fun and this week I had SO MUCH FUN! This week’s Discovery Friday is a little bit different and it is dedicated to a huge passion of mine… Music.

On Sunday 31st of January I had the pleasure of watching Hozier live – post to follow this coming week! – who was absolutely incredible and as I expected blew me completely away. However, the part that completely took me by surprise was their support band.

WYVERN LINGO a name everyone should remember from now on! An Irish all female band who are absolutely phenomenal. All three of them are stunning vocalists with such distinct voices that somehow still work in conjunction. They have their harmonies down to a T and let each other shine, completely complimenting each other as a 3 piece band. I predict great things happening to this group. Their music is a very cool mix of pop, folk and R’n’B and their 3 piece featuring drum kit, keyboard/synth and a bass or guitar work tremendously well.

(All photos copywright Diana Lava)

For you Hozier fans out there – because I know you all exist, there were another 4999 plus me at this gig on a Sunday! seriously as if none of us had jobs to get to on Monday! – one of the singers, Karen Cowley, who also plays the synth/keyboard in this great band, is the voice that features in the completely mesmerizing Hozier song ‘In a week’. Now highlight of the gig – and expect to see this if you are attending the tour – she comes out and sings it with him! It was by far the most intrinsic moment in the whole concert, I have never witnessed 5000 people go completely silent in my life. There is a section in the song in which there is no instrumental just vocals, and it was pure silence. No one howled or booed it was absolutely hypnotising.

I leave you here with one of their songs that I had the pleasure to hear at Brixton Academy on that gloomy Sunday evening. They really did set the stage incredibly well for Hozier, but as a stand alone are fantastic and strong.

(Videos sourced on Youtube)

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