A balanced life – Mission Impossible!

Can you believe we are already 5 weeks into the year? It is insane how fast time flies by and you feel like yet again you have missed out on doing things, completing things because time simply won’t stop for you to fulfill everything. I thought that 5 weeks into the year I would have already established a new structure in my life, a new daily plan to improve my health and fitness, and overall stress levels. I want to get back into playing music, giving more time to my studies and personal development and writing.

If you hadn’t gathered from earlier in the year I am a huge Mission Impossible fan, those films never get old, and recently I have established that the mission impossible is daily life. Most of us are bogged down by a 9 to 5 job with responsibilities that sometimes extend beyond the daily grind that we submit ourselves too. I am a very career focused person and absolutely adore what I do, but sometimes it is a huge challenge for me to find the switch in my mind that allows me to go home and relax. Stepping away from the work place as soon as you leave the office building is extremely important for your emotional stability and it is something I admittedly struggle with.

This weekend that has just passed I took a huge step into my new form of life. I attended a circuit training run by a friend of mine who is a personal trainer (check out his website!) which was a huge challenge as I haven’t been to a gym or done any form of exercise since November 2015… or does sex count? I also cleaned my room out of all the rubbish that was accumulating on my floor, filed all my letters and important documentation, got rid of clothes and shoes that do not fit me and will do a lot better in charity shops aiding those who need it. I have prepared my diary cleared it of commitments that will only cause me stress and this morning paid a trip to the gym.

I am determined to de-clutter my life this year and focus on me and my happiness and success. This ME concept involves a lot of things and facets of what I want to achieve, be it personal accomplishments, weight loss, healthy eating… so many aspects of it will require hard work and won’t be a question of doing it once and achieving it. This is a change of habits I am investing in, a change of lifestyle.

Many people don’t like the idea of a new year, of promises you make to yourself that you are never going to keep, or deciding that something has to be achieved in a year. I think they are only scared of not having the courage to actually take the first leap that all type of change requires. Mine has come a month delayed, but it is here. And I do not want to look at it as one leap only but a step in the right direction to the rest of a healthy and fulfilling peaceful life. A lot like learning, which is a constant development of knowledge, I believe that our lives need that type of investment and constant desire to grow form our behalves. In this aspect I can be a very selfish person because I feel the need to always evolve, to continue to thrive and become a better and improved version of myself.

For 2016 I want this to be the year of finished projects of writing, continuing building on DiscoveringDiana a blog that I have grown to love and enjoy sharing stories and adventures with you guys. DiscoveringDiana has also been a chance for me to connect with a lot of incredible writers and adventurers, real go-getters in life create content that I adore reading. I want to become a healthier me again, a stronger version of me… #StrongNotSkinny – but more than anything I want to grow as a person, experience things I never have and let go of the barrier that holds me back sometimes. I love the idea of becoming so comfortable in myself once more that I do not feel any fear in showing my true colours and all the beautiful projects I get involved in. This is the year I crack the mission impossible and find a truly balanced life!

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