World Days – Books and Wildlife

Today marks two very important days in the world #WorldBookDay and #WorldWildlifeDay. It is, to me, extremely poignant that these have fallen on the same date this year and that we are celebrating or paying tribute to aspects in our lives that may not seem to be great influences in our day to day living, but I can guarantee have impacted our lives more than we expect. It is a wonderful occasion that these have fallen on the same day, as so many of my favourite childhood stories have been about the life of animals, or characters that are animals with human features. Why is it that when we are young we have so much more empathy for a family of bears or elephants than when we are older? When we are young we do not really understand how these animals’ lives are affected by human decisions, but we care so deeply for them. Is it perhaps that at a younger age we are far more in touch with our animal nature? After all, we may be human beings, but we still belong to the animal kingdom, to this earth that we all roam together and should enjoy side by side.

Now as an adult, it is apparent to me that every decision I make can gravely impact the planet in which I live. The way I travel, the way I work, the way we eat. So much information is shared and it is noticeable that every decision I make, no matter how insignificant it may look, can have a domino effect in more than just my life. More than human life. All of life. Only recently I have expressed an interest in participating in the Cycle to Work scheme that is ran by some companies in the UK, including mine, and reducing my carbon footprint in my daily commutes to work. I will inevitably have to use my car for journeys further afield as I cover quite a wide area, but it is already a huge step to use a bicycle in my every day commute. My parents are also fixing up their bikes/trikes so we can all go on family rides together.


I also feel that as an avid reader and aspiring writer, writing can have such a huge impact on the world. Let’s speak logistically first of all of the thousands of printed books… I am a huge lover of print, I even work for the print industry, but the fact of the matter is that the consumable product is one of the biggest wastes in Nature. I am all for paperbacks, but am also a huge supporter of the e-book because we need to save the trees! Not only for our own selfish needs – because breathing! – but because there are millions of micro populations that live their entire existences on trees. We need to provide that service, that not only keeps the air we breathe pure, clean and full of oxygen, but also keeps lots of animals alive which balance out our natural world. I am so proud of print companies that are now printing books on recycled paper, which is a huge step forward.

These two days, which celebrate and discuss two things that influence me so much as a person really do echo in my mind as days worth remembering and taking action on. I celebrate the thousands of words that have shaped our worlds, helped our imaginations, have brought us films, theatre, great classical pieces of literature, have touched us all deeply or brought us great sorrow. I also celebrate the versatility of our world, the habitat that in so many ways we have, man kind, has destroyed in their selfish attempt to improve that which nature has already spent years perfecting and continues to do so. We sit in our comfortable homes, with heating, eating up the resources of our world and forgetting that other species are the balance of this planet. Forgetting that we cannot continue to eat up space from the oceans, who will only come and take it back leaving populations devastated. I am the hypocrite itself, speaking of change when I can’t implement much of it. However, today I start. Having filled my application to the cycle to work scheme, so I can help reduce my carbon footprint by a lot! I have sponsored three animals of my choice on the WWF adoption website, to help save the species from going extinct and protect them. I am even looking at altering patterns on my staple diet which disagree with me due to the fact that I disagree with brutal, forced, animal farming. Those videos about the milking cows actually make me feel violently sick, so I now drink coconut, rice and almond milk.

There are things we can all do to celebrate these days, but also to work in maintaining our planet and reversing the harm that we have caused it so far. Just as there is so much we can do to encourage children to enjoy reading and to enjoy the time in which they can truly love to live in fantasy. I feel so strongly about these two days, so passionately and fervently about literature, the world in which, as you can probably tell, I would love to pursue a career. And equally, it is only as of late, in my last few years that I have truly started growing and developing a proper appreciation for the globe and all its different environments and we are only one component of the incredible world that has grown and develop over time and it is our job to care for it and our job to keep and share its stories and culture throughout the ages.

Happy #WorldBookDay and Happy #WorldWildlifeDay

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