Away for Easter! #Budapest

The 5 or so days leading up to a trip are always a bit of a blur for me. I find myself googling names of buildings, their locations, marking maps, finding what events are on the city I am visiting, the top ten things to see, the obscure things to see, looking at weather reports every day, constantly to-ing and fro-ing between comfort and style for the wardrobe, printing tickets, booking forms, emails with hotels, sorting out currency and mostly not sleeping in the excitement of arriving to my destination. And so here I go, off tomorrow morning to Budapest!

I am so excited to visit this city, which has become iconic due to its thermal baths and fascinating history. I have wanted to visit for a while and finally I will be going and Easter should be a phenomenal experience as they hold an annual Easter festival at the Buda Castle. There is so much I want to find and I am told our 5 days are more than enough time to experience it all fully.

I am looking forward to then giving you all details on this trip, tips and advice, and sharing with you why this should definitely be at the top of your city break list, or not, who knows I could have an awful Hungarian experience but I somehow doubt that! I am equally excited to be sharing this trip with my cousin, she is 14 and for two years we have been plotting where I could take her on her first trip abroad without her parents.

So off I go first thing in the morning and I will be back next week I am sure with plenty of stories, photos, wanderlust and travel inspiration for you all.

For now my dear readers, wishes of the happiest and chocolatiestย of Easter’s!

Happy reading, writing and travels!

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