The churches of Budapest

I am a little bit obsessed with how religion shapes different cultures and countries, and so I always insist on visiting as many churches, temples, synagogues, etc. You name it I want to see it.

Budapest was so exception, with some incredible churches and cathedrals that showcased phenomenal architecture and such bright decoration.

The Cave Church, Gellert Hill

This was actually one of my favourite structures to visit. It is so unique, a cave that was purposed into a church. This place has suffered its own trials, with a section being burnt down as it was support by wood, but it has since been recovered and the stunning building or infrastructure still holds mass and people were there to pray more so than to visit it as a tourist attraction. A truly marvellous structure and it has definitely made it to my list of favourite churches around the world.

St Anne Church

St Anne Church, a beautiful structure that you will come across whilst walking along the Danube on Buda side of the River. It is a quiet little church, but the ceiling is absolutely breath taking. The detail on the painting/mural is stunning and depicts Heaven, the apostles, angels and the open arm welcome for those who enter through the gates. Although it wasn’t very well lit, the soothing pastels of the ceiling added enough colour to the building.

The Capuchin Church

I didn’t get to see it inside, as it was closed on both occasions where I came cross it, however I love the exposed brick and the building looks like such fun. It actually reminded me a bit of a church I came across in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. You can read about the St John Evangelist Church here. In the meantime, just marvel at this gorgeous building. The bottom photo you can see from a distance the colourful roof tiles which I absolute adore.

St Stephen Basilica

One of the only places you will visit in Budapest for FREE, all they ask for is a 2 euro donation. We actually went to visit on Easter Sunday and they had a service going on, the cathedral was filled with people singing from the same hymn sheet. The wall of sound we walked into was absolutely mesmerising, everyone singing praise for the lord. The building itself is gorgeous. I adore the deocation in of the central cupula which lightens up the entire room. It all radiates with the golden colours and stone columns shimmering with the littlest of sunlight. It is truly fantastic, huge and sits in a quiet square in the middle of Budapest. Definitely top of my list of favourites!

Matthias Church

The first thing that made me fall in love with Matthias Church was the colourful roof top! Much more stark than the roof in the Capuchin Church because of the contrast with the white stone building, it looks absolutely stunning. The interior is similarly just as colourful and detailed. The columns of the church ooze colour and pattern which climbs all the way up to the ceiling and trails down the walls like a waterfall of colour that has washed over the inside of this building. I love how you can see it standing at the top of the Buda Hill behind the Capuchin Church. Two gorgeous colourful churches so close to each other.

I hope you enjoy reading about these beautiful buildings as well as reading about them. Do you guys like visiting churches too?

Happy reading, writing and Travelling!

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