Shakespeare Live

Seen on Saturday 23rd of April

This is a late one but a goodie! Does everyone know that it is the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in April? More specifically 450 years? Shakespeare is all the talk of the theatre world this year in England and I love it. A true icon of British Theatre and a worldclass playwright, his works are being celebrated all over the world.

So it was a great pleasure to watch Shakespeare live. The performance actually took place in Stratford Upon Avon, the home town of our glorious playwright himself, and was being live streamed to cinemas all over the country. My friends and I gathered at an Odeon in Covent Garden to watch the show and it was truly mesmerising.

From Prince Charles to Sir Ian McKellan, Dame Helen Miren and Dame Judy Dench, the Royal Shakespeare company, ballet companies and several interpretations of his texts were performed and left the audience in true wonderment. I loved all the extracts used, and was deeply moved by some of them. I think Bill Murray and Dame Judy Dench stole the show with their Midsummer Night’s Dream extract. The entire company were there just due to their love for the theatre and the show could not have paid a better ode to the world’s most famous playwright.

I was completely taken. The nearly 3 hours we spent inside the cinema room flew by and it was truly worth it. I have another two shows that I am watching in dedication to Shakespeare’s 450 years anniversary celebration and am truly excited to share my experiences with you.

Are any of you doing anything special to celebrate the occasion?

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