Gellert Hill and Buda Castle #Budapest

My last instalment of my posts about Budapest is finally here. I have to apologise for the delay, but a lot has been going on, as I am in the midst of a career change and plenty of responsibilities have been put on my plate as my current employment ends. However, enough of real life, let’s talk travel.

We were located just across the Danube from Gellert Hill, and right at the bottom are the gorgeous Gellert Baths, which I have already shared with you, and right at the start of the climb up we encounter the stunning Cave Church, which you can read about in my post named ‘The Churches of Budapest’.

However, we are going to speak of the spectacular hike to the citadel. Before we even reach the summit of the hill, a gorgeous nature walk greets you and leads you up the mountain path, through glorious vegetation and with the most breathtaking views of the city and the castle.

The citadel itself is a beautiful structure, featuring the statue of liberty of Hungary at the top. It is a truly stunning walk up hill with beautiful views.

The most devastating thing is that the Castle, is actually on a separate hill, so after a long trek upwards, we had to go all the way down hill to climb another hill adjacent. Queue tears and absolutely burning thighs and busted calves.

The Castle is grand structure to behold, and it is currently the building used for the Museum of Art. It is truly stunning and the views of the city continue to be phenomenal. A true symbol of aristocratic wealth contradicted by the mesmerising and enchanting Parliament building across the river. The Democratic  symbol and Monarchy symbol go head to head on the banks of the Danube to the astonishment and bewildermant of all that have the pleasure to pass by.

I hope you guys have enjoyed discovering a little bit of Budapest with me. I definitely recommend you visit the beautiful Hungarian Capital, take in its sights, food, people and baths and make the most of the historic cities of Europe. I am so blessed that I had the opportunity to visit this city, and that I was able to provide that first cultural experience to my 14 year old cousin as well. Budapest is a welcoming city for backpackers, lovers and families and really is well worth a visit.

That concludes by instalments on Budapest, onto the next adventure. Where to next?

Happy reading, writing and travelling.

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