The start of my 3 month adventure

I cannot believe that after years in the making, months of payments and preparation it has all actually come to fruition. I am backpacking across south and central America.

Latin America has always held huge fascination for me, and it was honestly a dream come true when I realised it was all going to happen. The last few weeks leading up to my departure have been a mix of sadness, excitement and stress. My blood pressure definitely went through the roof trying to get everything organised for my replacement at work, printing documents, packing and buying last minute things. All added to the crazy period that is Christmas every year, lots of people to see and a lot of food and booze to consume. Now all of that is done all that rests is to enjoy the start of my adventure.

The entire trip to the airport I thought to myself “I am so going to mess this up! I am not cut out for this.” Doubt filled my head as I did not have a clue. I have never backpacked in my life and I was certain that 3 months living off a giant rucksack was nothing like doing short 5 day city breaks in Europe. It couldn’t be the same. I considered all the things that could go wrong in that hour and 15 minute drive. From me being robbed, attacked, killed to simple things like not having enough insect repellent, not making friends, never having clean clothes. I thought about how I would be missing 3 months of my work, work that I am so in love with and passionate about. I thought about not being able to speak to my parents every day, ask my mom for advice on everything and listen to my dad sing any Stevie Wonder song to me at the most inappropriate time. I thought about my boyfriend, how could I leave him to fend for the winter months without a cuddle and extra heat in bed? Who was going to tell him everyday how amazing he is and how he deserves the world? I thought about everything and then some. However, I feel the nerves are a natural thing. I want it so badly to be an amazing experience that I was obsessing over it.

Nerves are healthy. I boarded that flight after crying on the phone to my man, but I got on and went back in time to a different continent where my haphazard Spanish will have to see me through until I refamiliarise myself with the language.

So as I post this my dear readers, I am on a coach to Junquilall where I will embark on my first adventure and save the turtles. Filled with excitement, nerves, a desire to work and save the world and the traditional breakfast of Gallo Pinto I am off. Embrace the fear and you will go far, goodness only knows this the furthest I have ever been.

Until next time.

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