Saving the Turtles – volunteering

For those of you who know me incredibly well or have read my rant about my love for animals (click here), then you would know that the very first thing I would like to invest on doing while abroad is volunteering. So here I am in Costa Rica’s gorgeous Pacific Coast saving the turtles.

Playa Junquilall is a very secluded place with a small population of 300 people. The whole community has a deep respect and love for the sea turtles that come here every year to lay their eggs and start new turtle families. So in general there is a huge focus on the area to help rescue these creatures.  I will share more information on all of this and how my volunteering program came to be on a later post, today I want to talk to you specifically about hatchery work.

So most turtle eggs are rescued by us and nested in a hatchery to minimise the risk of them being eaten by any birds, crabs or getting bugs all over them.

Yesterday was my first time working at the hatchery. We replaced a nest for a new and bigger one for leatherback turtles, cleaned out all the sand, replaced it with new wet sand which is preferable so that the nests do not collapse. Afterwards we had to replace some poles to secure the fence and freshen up all the hatchery by putting a new fresh layer of wet sand. Controlling the temperature is key for the turtles to develop well. Finally we put another roof up to provide extra shade.

The hatchery duty and its maintenance lasts 3 hours in the afternoon and it can be very tiring as the sun scorching hot. However, contrary to many friends of mine that have done humanitarian volunteering felt at times that they were not contributing, I know for a fact that all my hard work here is helping in the maintenance of thsee animals, the local environment and their protection.

This morning, for example, we got to release a baby Olive Ridley turtle (Lora) and it was great to see the beautiful little thing head off after our hard work to protect and help it. I will post videos of her release some other day and also about our patrol work and what it is like. For now I leave you with this and a few photos of some of the most rewarding work I have ever done.

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