Bienvenidos a Lima

I cannot believe I am nearly 20 days into my 80 day trip. What a trek it has been already. I have so much I want to share with you guys about Costa Rica in the future, and I am keeping a journal so I can keep all the memories alive for blogging. It’s not easy to write on the go I find, especially as I only have my trusted mobile phone to update you all with. It’s strange how a paragraph does not seem like a paragraph on a phone. Anyway, I digress, I am finally in Peru!

After a long day of travel between San Jose and Lima, I got here and pretty much passed out. Yesterday I went off on a Peruvian venture to discover the downtown of the city, where most historical buildings are located. With a warm welcome to Lima, I was even luckier because the city had celebrated just the night before its 482nd anniversary! So as I walked the Plaza de Armas, a government official stepped out of the Palacio Municipal de Lima (City Hall) to deliver a speech which touched the many that were present. I have no idea if it was a man of importance but the fact of the matter was that the city was bustling with a feel of celebration, peace and joy. It was great! What an amazing welcome to the country for me. 

I have discovered that I am actually enamored with colonial architecture. How sweet are the colours, so calming and inviting. And the space inside these buildings is beyond ridiculous! I’d love a little house like this in England, it would be a success, standing out from the built in blocs houses that are all a carbon copy of each other. Plus wooden floors and copious amounts of space for everything, even if I don’t necessarily want lots of stuff I like there to be empty space.

This is only a brief post as I saw so much yesterday, but let me just tell you that I purchased a bottle of Pisco for my man and I to get merry together and also I saw lamas! I mean only in Lima can you be walking downtown and find yourself in the same street as two lamas. How cool! Also I was wandering around and started to feel peckish so was able to buy two huge slices of pineapple for 50 pence, I mean how incredible, I love fruit. Tropical, sweet and juicy fruit. Speaking of food, I want you wall to appreciate my dinner last night that I couldn’t even finish, which cost me less than £4 with the drink included. God I love Peru already. 

I am sure I will have so much more to say and it is beginning to dawn on me that travel really does encourage self discovery. Well tonight I will also discover who I will be sharing this 35 day venture with! How exciting.

To finalise,  I have one question, how do you fellow backpackers go about souvenir shopping and lugging it around? Happy travel, writing and reading.

3 thoughts on “Bienvenidos a Lima

  1. Wow, an 80 day trip, huh? Excellent, I love it.
    I am not a backpacker but have you considered sending souvenirs home with the mail? Make a small package once in a while and send stuff to your home address? Just a thought.
    I wish you a lot of fun, Peru is fantastic, you are in for a treat!


    1. I had considered it, but I found a better solution. My parents happened to cross over with me for a few days so I sent some stuff home with them whilst I carry on travelling.
      Would you consider backpacking? I am loving it so far! Arequipa has been my favourite city so far, but am totally ready to be mesmerised by Machu Picchu in a few days. It is my first time back packing too

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      1. That is of course the best solution! Awesome.

        I would not consider backbacking. Mainly because I am recovering from double hip surgery. I can not walk long distance very well since I am still in the recovery phase.

        You will LOVE Machu Picchu!

        I wrote about Peru in my travel blog and gave some really good tips, they might come in handy for you.
        Take a look, under “destinations”.

        Safe travels and enjoy Peru! It is such a fantastic place!


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