Vamos Cuba! – Theatre Review

Amazing dancing but lazy plot making.

When I watch a dance show I don’t usually mind not having a plot to follow. I would almost prefer it to be done in a series of small sketches, like a comedy show. However, if you want to have a story line at least make it visceral to the show. It killed me that in the midst of such exception dancing and choreography the plot failed to impress as much. Why oh why was it set in an airport? It just made very little sense and would have been far more captivating if it was set in the streets of Havana. The public wanted Cuba and that would have delivered Cuba. The idea was flawed and too complicated when the audience was craving the latin everything that the show could have potentially offered, setting and plot included. That being said, choreographers and concept designers are not authors, so I will forgive them for that.

Dance wise, what an incredible show to watch. It was fun, sassy and everything I imagined Cuban dancing to be like, both structured and dirty to the core. There was enough variation that the audience was always left wanting to watch more. For this reason I can only advise people to watch the show when it comes around again. It is reinvented by the company every few years and it is such good fun, followed by the dance class at the end which is just an absolute joy.

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