The Petroleum Museum

Very few museums in the world leave me completely baffled. Having been to my fair share of art museums/galleries, several similar versions of natural history and science museums and seen a lot of state buildings become history spouting machines, the Petroleum Museum left me truly amazed. Petroleum, as we all know, is the leading industry in the world! It is the highest consumed source of energy and we use it day in day out, so learning a bit more about it in an interactive way is absolutely an experience.

The museum is built on an out of use oil rig and then further expanded. You will start by watching a film about the history of petroleum and how it seems to have become such an essential part of our lives and existence even. Following that, there are several machines that demonstrate the progression of equipment that was used to extract petroleum from the core of our planet, and you can even play on a simulated oil rig! However, most importantly, the museum gives us a true understanding of why we need to find alternative sources of fuel and energy. We are bombarded by this day in day out, and yet we continue to consume. I know it is very far away, but the museum really made me understand it differently and take more notice. However, I am yet left with this feeling of what can I do? I have a car to run and all these other things that demand the consumption of petroleum. I truly hope we find a solution.

The interactive nature of the museum paired with the relevance of the content make it truly incredible and it is an absolute must to visit whilst in Stavanger.


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