Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

If there is one thing I truly enjoy, it is discovering new things in my own home country. I love the UK, I think it is so much more then London and Cambridge, and people often forget how beautiful and picturesque the country truly is. Lately, I have been really getting into hiking and country walking, having become a D of E Coordinator in the last year, I have developed a lot of map reading skills and have found some stunning places in the country. It has become one of my biggest passions and now I won’t pass any opportunity for a hike or walk. With that in mind, this May I took my parents on a 3 day getaway to Cheddar Gorge.

Cheddar Gorge is in Somerset, in the South Western coast of the country. It is a stunning place, blessed with rolling hills for miles, and then a steep gorge that defines this area and gives us the gorgeous hikes we are able to go on.

A few things to do in and around Cheddar Gorge.

Visit Wellington, a small town nearby with quirky local shops, beautiful architecture. We actually stayed in an Air BnB house we rented in Wellington, it is considerably cheaper than Cheddar and only a 4 mile drive away from Cheddar.


Spend A LOT OF TIME in Cheddar. It again has some lovely architecture, all your dream cottages are there and the hand made crafts too. If you are a lover of cheese, which all people should be, you definitely need to go to the Cheddar cheese shop (hence the name of the cheese, comes from the area!). You will be able to sample a variety of Cheddars that have been aged in the caves of the gorge. I would recommend the vintage, the classic and smoked oak, all award winning and delicious.

Finally, you really need to spend some time hiking. I cannot tell you how beautiful the walks are. The trails are very easy to identify and find and the terrain is kind, make sure you have some proper hiking boots and if you have a few bad joints, a walking stick never hurt anyone. There is nothing for miles, so pack a snack, lots of water and a water proof just in case. I think that the beauty of the Gorge is the fact that you can walk really close to the plunging edge, watching the fields drop into nothing was quite the sight to behold. You will also find a lot of animals, which is very sweet, especially the wild goats. Be mindful, they can get aggressive, but other than that be gentle with them and respectful, this is not your land it is theirs and you are merely a guest to the beautiful nature.

I completely recommend a trip to Cheddar Gorge. You only really need a few days to be there and explore, camping is a great alternative if you just want to be in the hills and hiking. I also spotted some rock climbers so there are plenty of alternatives. Either way, book it soon and below you will find the link to the beautiful Air Bnb  stayed in with my family, this is not a sponsored post, but they were the best hosts and house was spotless and perfect.

All in all, just take the time to get to know the UK, or your home country, you don’t have to get on a plane to live your adventurous life.


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