A quick Bath! – pun intended

On my way back from Cheddar Gorge I decided to a little pit stop by the city of Bath. Bath is a city famous for roman baths, hence the name. The city has stunning architecture, and several of its buildings are renowned for their beauty. I only spent a limited amount of time in Bath but it was enough for me to want to return for an elongated visit. Anyway, without further ado, here are some snaps of the main landmarks to visit whilst you are there!

Bath Abbey

The Pulteney Bridge and the view from the bridge

The Crescent and its gardens – I couldn’t get a photo of The Crescent that was good enough to share with you, but google it, it is worth a visit!


I hope these entice you and convince you to book a short get away to Bath, I know I most certainly will. I also would love a chance to go to the roman baths and spend some time looking at the abbey in detail, especially inside, as well as visiting the stores in the Pulteney Bridge.

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