Roberto Barrios Waterfall #MexicanSeries

Another day, another memory of Mexico to come and make me miss travelling! I have always loved waterfalls and wanted to swim in one, the power of the water cascading down the mountain sides, takes my breath away. Roberto Barrios did not disappoint in delivering all my waterfall fantasies. With several pools formed on what seemed like a staircase of the heavens, we slid down with the water, dived under rocks into caves, jumped from one pool into another and free fell endless amounts of times until exhaustion hit us.

Sadly, I do not have any photos taken by myself of the place, I don’t own a go pro (yet!), but my dear travel friends and companions shared some of their snaps with me and these are the photos you find in this post. All of them belong to Rick Wadley, an absolute legend of a gentleman and a friend for life.

The waterfalls are located just outside of Palenque in Chiapas, and the village of Roberto Barrios itself is small so has very little tourism, no place to purchase food or trinkets, so definitely bring your own. I would advise you to always leave someone with your belongings too, or lock them in a car out of sight, as poverty is is wide in this region and therefore robbery is too unfortunately. However, some children might come along and try to sell you hand made bracelets and things, I bought one to support that area as it is beautiful and the people are so kind.

It is not a protected area, but should be, as the stunning blue pools cascade into each other continuously for miles, so therefore please be mindful of the environment.


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