Sleepless scorpions! – Tales of Travel gone wrong

We had finally arrived in Palenque, at the quaintest treehouse style resort. The huts were made of stone and the roofs of palm tree leaves. The beds were huge and looked so comfortable and there was a pool too. It had been a long 8 hour drive and we were all excited to just relax after dinner, catch up over a few bottles of wine and be prepared to visit the glorious ruins the next day.

After a wonderful dinner, my room mate and I returned to our room. Prepared to dream and rest for the next adventurous day. We walked into the room and on my bed, crawling and leaving its mark everywhere, was the worse creature of them all. Its eight legs moving slowly, purposefully across the sheets. I launched myself onto the opposing bed, screaming at the top of my lungs. I pleaded with my roommate to go get some help, and he offered to stay in the room and me go but I was paralysed. So he left me, there alone!

This was clearly, in hindsight, a huge mistake. I was alone in a room with the blackest, creepiest, crawliest, eight legged nightmare with pincers! What on earth was I thinking?! I had purposely designed my entire travel expedition of 3 months to avoid any form of forest, to avoid staying in a place with potential for large arachnids and/or scorpions of any kind. Yet, there I was, stood less than 2 meters away from a scorpion. After an excruciating wait, 5 minutes felt like an eternity but my roommate finally arrived.

He came in with the receptionist who was armed with barbecue tongs, of all the things! She waltzed in, no concern on her face and snipped the tongs for a bit to get the damn fiend to just show up. Up it came, with its pincers erected, all high and mighty as if it were carrying a sodding trident. She danced with it, a to and fro from both of them occurred and she snapped once and missed, and again and missed. Meanwhile, I added sound effects to the already chaotic moment, screams and pointing and directing in a complete panic. She finally snatches the little devil and escorts it out with a measly “buenas noches!” as if nothing were?! How is that even possible?! The most banal object rescuing me from the most devilish creature. I ended the night inspecting the entire room, searching for any signs of anymore sleepless scorpions crawling anywhere near my bed. I finally slept, resting in preparation for the visit to the Palenque ruins (spoiler photo featured!).

The next day I found out some of the other members of our tour group found scorpions and frogs in their rooms, suitcases and etc. What a rain forest mess!

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