Ruins of Palenque

This is the last post on my Mexican Series, and the best location in the whole of Mexico! I have saved the best for last, my favourite spot in Mexico and I am so excited to finally share it with you. Here is my post on the ruins of Palenque!


After a long day of travel we finally arrived at the Palenque ruins. Palenque is a medium sized Mayan site, but it is one of the richest in terms of buildings etc. Only 2% of it has been recovered, and archaeologists can say with almost 100% certainty that the hills of dust and mud are Mayan pyramids that are yet to be unearthed.


The Palenque site was built during the peak time of the Mayan empire, and it boast of some of the most complete buildings you can find.

Looking at the detail of the domes, in which corbel arches are used to support the buildings. These are built through off-setting stones on either side, until the construction meets at the apex to create the support for the roof of the building. The top is then reinforced with a supportive rock, or cement in modern construction. The idea is that if one side of the arch collapses, the other should stay standing. Below you can see an example of a wall in which an arch was present, but half of it has collapsed.




The site has been a Unesco world heritage site since 1987 and most of it has been recovered by the reading of hieroglyphs that describe the city in all its glory. Palenque was one of the first cities, and the construction is older than Chichen, but the detail that has been maintained is absolutely incredible. It was my favourite of the Mayan sites, especially as it is covered in jungle and forest, adding to its charm.

And with this we say goodbye to Mexico, my absolute dream destination and I cannot believe that I got to explore it and enjoy it so much! One day I will go back, because it was the most amazing trip ever. We finish our Mexican series here, in Palenque, a lost Mayan city that stole my heart.




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