My name is Diana Lava and I am a 26 year old wanderer.

My biggest loves in life are travel, books, theatre, music and animals. I feel that all of these things are somewhat related, the ability to wander between my reality and the next in the creative arts, the desire to be wildly free like an animal and simply admire the world and its beauty. Artralava (Art, Travel, Lava) is my little corner of the internet in which I can share my passions with you and hope to open up your world a little bit more.

I am a Drama Theatre and Performance graduate, English teacher and aspiring author. I love to write about my travels, all things art and culture, and food! Who does not like food?!

I don’t think you need to go to the depths of a volcano in the pacific ocean to find yourself, everything around you in your day to day can also chisel you into a better person. There is something rather beautiful about both the mundane and the adventurous, and I am willing to explore that. From travelling wide and far, to going to the cinema to watch a movie, enjoying a book or new music from my home, to cooking my own food and discovering foreign delicacies, everything is influential and shapes me one step closer to becoming truly fulfilled.

Things I like:

Rowing – Dance – Music – Theatre – Art – Live Performance – Concerts/Gigs – Adventures – Ocean – Rivers – Water – Trees – Notepads – Pens – Sunshine – Bohemian Patterns – Big Earrings – Watches – Time – Trains – Photography – Disposable Cameras – Comfortable Shoes – Shorts – Dresses – Head Bands – Scarves – Brown Boots – Bags – Food – Exercise – Astronomy – Astrology – Gastronomy – Conspiracy Theories – Books – Movies – Good TV – Long Walks – Country Side – Getting Lost – Finding Myself – Climbing Things – and so much more…


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